Darkest Before the Dawn

I have been working really hard on LIS. In the past week, I have had to visit libraries, interview librarians make a report and a powerpoint on that and complete a group project on mobile lending. Here is my part of the mobile lending project.

I revisited my original post from January 20th of this year. I found that I was a little afraid at the time of what lay ahead. I thought the workload might escape me and that I would be overwhelmed and have to quit. Of course, I practice defensive pessimism. That is a process by which you envision the worst possible outcomes. After you have an idea of the worst that could happen, you can rebuild and think about the best things that might happen.

I was worried about taking an online course, but I have taken two now, and I feel much more confidant. I have learned that I am not so different from my classmates and that they have shared my anxieties.

They also share my positive attitude towards the importance of libraries and the future of libraries. I am very heartened to see so many people have like attitudes on the subject. I would happily take another course with any of them.

When I entered LIS, I thought the greatest threat to libraries might be the electronic age. Instead, electronics are going to be the future of libraries and not the death. What I have learned will be the greatest challenge, is funding. Librarians are not upfront enough about it even though it is desperately needed, especially because it gets harder and harder to justify libraries existence to the ignorant.  Too many people think that the internet means that there is no need for libraries. But libraries work with the internet to expand their services. We are not in a dead field, just a changing one.

While I was worried, and still have a few things to complete, I feel optimistic about the outcomes of the courses I have taken this semester. I even like blogging now and I will keep at it.

I can’t wait for next semester.

I still have $3.50 in library fines. It’s a good thing there are no late fees for ebooks.

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