Allright, it’s Black On!

I got my mojo running because my basement flooded last night and I had to wait until 6am for the plumber. I guess anger got me running.

The first of the two blogs I have been following is the delightfully snarky woman whom I hope will someday be my waifu, the Annoyed Librarian. (Don’t know what “My Waifu” means? Here you go:

What I really enjoy about the annoyed librarian is her deadpan snarker style and overall cynicism. She writes in a style I find similar to my own: sarcastic, informal and wry. She also covers issues that I find important to LIS and issues that come up in classes. Some of my classmates covered issues like homelessness any the library for our ethics cases and she blogged about it too.

It is indeed an ironic complaint. I like the fact that she uses irony correctly. She is truly blogging after my own heart on almost every issue she picks. I could go on all day with her take on arbitrary awards:

to libraries being more than libraries:

to this extremely creepy post:

That entry brings up a point about Canada that I had not realized: “Federal librarians and archivists who set foot in classrooms, attend conferences or speak up at public meetings on their own time are engaging in ‘high risk’ activities, according to the new code of conduct at Library and Archives Canada.”

So the librarians duty to the Canadian Government is so strong that they must not speak against it? Yes, I realize her slant is to the left, but so is mine and it’s a sensible view as well.

I wish I had read her work earlier in this semester. I wish I could write about her all night, but I had to cover two bloggers in one post. I WILL be following her in the future though (Not in a creepy stalker way, just her blog really)

The Traveling Librarian caught my eye because of his sense of humor which is blended (although not always: with topics in LIS. He himself is a specialist for the  Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln, Nebraska. He enjoys Huey Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic, which makes him cool, and his particular focus is on new technologies in LIS.

Aside from tech, he is interested in issues about copyright and file-sharing. This can of course cover the ridiculous: as well as conference survival tips:

odd little libraries:

and some truly relevant stuff:

That last post about the TSA confiscating your things and putting you on “The List” is pretty scary.

I have only covered his recent work, but the posts go back to 2003, so congrats to him on longevity.

Both of these blogs cover some of the same things but in a different way. I like them both as well as their points of view which seem to be in line with my own 99% of the time. I wish I could go on, but this is a blog entry and not a term paper (which I will have to write). I heartily recommend both of these blogs to friends, classmates and random people on the streets. I hope they both keep blogging for years to come.

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