Blackened Whitefish

Hello all. By Tuesday the 9th, I expect to have my entry or entries about professional blogs up. I have a lot of work to do and I am struggling with writers block so nothing I write looks good to me.

I am to write about the two blogs I have been reading. I was provided a link to look up blogs I might cover. You can see it here:

Hmmm. I wonder how long this has been down. The link is from 2009. Hmmm…

Anywho, I looked for blogs by librarians and I grabbed the first result because the blog is right after my own cynical heart:

Love it!

The second blog I found tapped my more humorous side:

Huey Lewis and Weird Al? Sounds good to me.

I encountered that blog through this site if you are interested:

Look those over and appreciate my (hopefully inspired) posts on the 9th.

Also, I am taking suggestions for more black-inspired puns.

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