Have I already used Black and Tan?

Under a loooooot of pressure lately, so this may come out as more than one post.

First up, CoOL, a site dedicated to the preservation of collections. Obviously, this is meant to appeal to archivists and provides links to several similar resources like


It has a newsletter and publishes a long list of conservation topics for the trendy and informed conservationist who cares about preserving documents, photos, databases, films and audio files. You can also take a survey, donate $ to the site and contact the webmaster. It has many links and you can check out its history which they admit, is being compiled slowly.


They date all the way back to 1987, an age of non-electronics (sort of).

This is not peer reviewed because it is not so much opinion or fact, but a resource site collecting links and topics for those interested in preservation which of course, is of paramount interest to the librarian or archivist. That kind of mission is relevant to any librarian. It’s like a how to manual for what to archive and how to do it

I am exhausted.

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