Blackberry Jam

I will write more on this tomorrow but I want to get this kick-started tonight. I have been traveling most of today and had little access to a computer. I have to compare two professional journals. Sounds easy right? Not if you want to do a good job. Without specific parameters, I was told to find two pro journals, one directly and one indirectly attached to my field of study. Finding them was not as easy as I thought it would be.

The funny thing is, I found several bloggers who had the same task from the fall of 2012 for the same class. I decided not to take the easy way out and use their sources. Instead, I found this:

This is a decent listing of just what I needed. Well it would have been if several (many) links were not out of date. Too bad, but I still came up with some good links. For starters:

I am all about conservation. Also:

I am going back to an old friend. I covered this site before and because it was on the list, I will do it again.  I really like this group. Back tomorrow.

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