State of the Black Address

From the titles of all my posts, you might think I’m in the Nation of Islam or maybe a rapper. Wrong on both counts, although I would include books about them in a library. Funny story, when I went to Barnes and Noble on MLK Day in 2011, they ha NOTHING about the man himself. There was a whole table devoted to the Ronald Reagan Centennial, but nothing on MLK. I asked the people there and they looked nervously at each other and then suggested the Black History Section. That was located next to the True Crime section. Well Played.

It’s time to reflect upon my experience and blogging skills thus far. I am happy that I started a blog even if it was an assignment. I screwed up at first, confusing this project with another project, but all the posts I wrote about Ralph Munn made my eventual LIS Leaders Blog work that much better. I spent more time on him as a subject than I would have otherwise.

I have spent some time on the subject of Detroit which was more or less just declared a disaster area by our Governor, Rick Snyder, a man who suckered a lot of suckers into voting for him by convincing people he was a moderate. Who didn’t see that coming? If you believed that Snyder was a moderate you probably voted for George W Bush because you thought he was a nice guy and said “To Hell with the issues, I wanna have a beer with that presidential dunderpate!”

MLK would not be pleased.

I have enjoyed the assignments in my LIS 6010 class, especially the team jobs where we find articles and ask our classmates questions about them. That got me started on the subject of Detroit. Because Wayne State is located in the nice section of Detroit, you could miss the area covered in books like ‘Detroit Disassembled” which I just bought. There are large parts of the city that are could be described as a rotting ghost town and that concerns me.

Outside of making Detroit into a cause, I look back on my previous posts and find that while I was initially mistaken and a bit cynical, my enthusiasm picked up and I write rather well. I actually surprised myself as to how well I covered Ralph Munn and issues about neutrality. I might have skipped the article on the movie ‘Mama’ and the audience that night. That was subject matter better left to Seth MacFarlane. it turns out I like blogging and I want to take it more seriously.

By the end of the semester, I will take a comprehensive look back and see how I feel then about neutrality and my courses. When not completing assignments, I will keep making updates about Detroit and its condition. Even if this blog goes unread, I am getting something out of it just by writing. When this course is over, I will continue. And when it comes to LIS 6080, I will overcome.

MLK would be pleased.


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