The Future is Black

I would like to add something to my blog that has been on my mind recently; the ruins of Detroit. The East Lansing Public Library recently hosted Professor Carl Taylor and his discussion of Detroit as a third city. Detroit’s population has fallen drastically from its peak and while there is an emerald city which includes the Wayne State Campus, there are burned out sections of the city that resemble the third world. These are stunning relics, examples of urban decay worthy of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick. Actually, all sci-fi flicks are post-apocalyptic nightmares. Where are the good visions of the future? Anywho, it is stunning that so many schools, libraries, apartments, theaters, offices and houses could come to such ruin. Much of this is the result of the massive white exodus to the suburbs in the 1960’s. It is stunning that so much of the city has never recovered. Here are some links:

Perhaps most terrifying is author Charlie LeDuff’s account of the Public School (Roosevelt) Book Depository where a frozen corpse was once found.

Whatever can be done about this rotting hulk of a city? Restoration? Further decay? That this could actually happen to a city gives me nightmares.

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