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Job Analyses Part 2.

Well I have looked at what I really want to do. Although the market looks better for Academic librarians, I will stick with my goal of being a public librarian because of my strong belief in public libraries and because academic librarians sometimes need a 2nd degree. I cop to being lazy.

I looked around for my dream job and found:

I would really like to be there. There is a strong public library system and the weather is great. Of course that would be ideal, but I will have to take what I can get, I am well aware of that.

Going about the process of the job interview requires shameless self-promotion. You must promote yourself as your own brand and tell everyone what YOU bring to the table that supposedly, nobody else can. It is an arduous process and not one I have ever been fond of. But I have a strong desire to work in the American Library system and I am working hard to get there.

That is the kind of determination I bring to every job. If I want it badly enough, Ima get it. I have been called obsessive in my pursuit of goals. I have experience working in libraries and I am determined to succeed and see libraries succeed.

A great tip for all starters, besides taking any in you can get, is to play up any positive features you have. For example, I have many extra curricular activities. Just look at my performance in Star Trek Durandal:

Yeah, that’s me at 8:25 baby! I learned a lot about voice acting from that single experience. I also learned about recording and recording software. Oh, is that something valuable for a library? Hoo hah!  See that? LIS is so broad, you can find an attachment to anything.

Moreover, I am confidant. I had a conversation with a librarian recently who told me that before long, a generation of librarians will be retiring and the job market will be open just in time for me to attain my degree. Given all the job openings listed in my last blog post, the future looks pretty rosy as it is.

While it may not be absolutely necessary, I think it is a good thing to have a Masters Degree in LIS. In some instances, even that is not enough, but I have willingness, experience and I will out self-aggrandize any other competitor I face. I know what I want, where to look and how to get there. Most importantly, I am willing, within reason, to go where the jobs are.

Have my goals and expectations changed? Not really. I have been surprised, even taken aback by some things, but I expected to be surprised and my goal of working in a public library has not changed.

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