Black as the Night Itself

I will get to this today after all. This post will be about job analyses. I am pleased that there are so many links for the LIS Professional seeking work. I have seen websites with job postings, but there are so many great looking possibilities located just here:

There are not as many public library jobs listed as I would have hoped, but this is excellent. There is even a link to a position in Dublin, Ireland.

What I am looking for is a position in a public library somewhere in a warm climate where raking leaves and shoveling snow are not problems. There are many, many positions open but mostly in university libraries. I might have to reconsider my notion of what sort of library I wish to work in.

I was always amazed that my parents, both professors, ended up in Michigan. They went where there were open positions. I see so many possible opportunities here I doubt I will have to worry about taking a desperation job in Alberta, Canada which is a drastic step for the worse in temperature. I was hoping to look to the southwest, but within the first 5 pages, I have found 2 public library listings.

My greatest worry, is that I have so little experience on the administrative end and most of these places will be looking for someone with experience. I may have to take what I can get and work my way up.

I have decided to look at the first public library job I have seen. It is for the position of library director for the library of Pinellas Park, Florida. Nice and warm and in what looks like a nice public library. It is a single branch library and the salary looks terrific. The steps involve going tho the human resources dept for the city. From there, I can apply to be a fireman, policeman or check out the retirement system. No more specifics about the library director job unless I fill out an application. That’s a little too far for now.

I see so many great positions on this list and I would be happy in many others I think. I will look beyond the public library sphere and consider a university library. I have hed experience in that field as well. It looks as though the future is wide open.

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