Black is the New Black

What is it about the Public Library Association that I find so attractive? The public library has been a large part of my life, including my first real job. I like the idea of the public meeting space that provides people with activities and information. The PLA, a branch of the American Library Association, is the epitome of this.

I took some time to review their site and there is quite a lot to take in. As expected of something to do with the public and a library, it offers many ways to become involved, lots of outreach opportunities and ways to educate. Calls for proposals, webinars and of course membership at different rates with networking abilities.

They publish their own magazine and a number of books to help a librarian organize their institution:

The website is easy to navigate, but provides the viewer with so many possibilities that you may have a hard time deciding where to begin. Perhaps advocacy, which has many ways to get involved and opportunities for education. Currently, they are pushing the Edge Initiative alongside the Bill and Melinda Gate foundation which will create benchmarks for public access technology in public libraries. That is their most prominent current campaign. Also, as you might expect, plans to get children to read and to get a library card in every pocket.

There are so many ways to get involved with the PLA and they make it easy for you. You can even got scholarships and a stress management seminar. This is an organization I plan upon joining.

Tomorrow, a report on the Progressive Librarians Guild.

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