Black Adder

I juuuuuust realized something: the blog for my web journal and the webleaders blog are not the same. They have some of the same due dates and are both considered blogs, but are not the same. Whoops! At any rate, I have kept posting but I have some catch up to do. This is the trouble with online courses; there is so much to keep up with and I am much more used to hands on learning.

Ok, about my personal goals and objectives: My latest goal is to re-read everything as carefully as possible so that I don’t make any more mistakes.

What do I really mean to do? I think I have touched on this earlier, but I want to attain my masters degree and work in a public library. with any luck, I will someday ascend to a major role in a public library in the south, somewhere near Corpus Christi. This has largely to do with my hatred of snow and cold.

I would be very interested in being involved in the acquisitions role and getting books, dvd’s, cd’s and other things. I would really enjoy being part of a library that is large enough to have a special collections wing, maybe something that involves vinyl, filmstrips and microfiche.

My love of the public library comes from my involvement with the East Lansing Public Library. I have a lifelong association with that place since my first real job was there. If not that, I want to get involved with a university like my second favorite library at Michigan State University. I especially liked the special collections wing.

Whatever type of library I go to, I want to make sure it is run as efficiently as possible.

Objections? Good question. The only thing I object to (concerning my LIS courses) is Microsoft Office. This software is widely used, but I had to jump into it with no prior experience. The tasks I have to perform with it go beyond the useful and into the frivolous. Yes, charts and spreadsheets and bar graphs are very useful, but the other ad ons are things that just make the reports prettier. They are not substantive, which is what I look for first and foremost. I prefer substance to style. Style can only take you so far. It can turn heads, but eventually people will notice that you have nothing important to say. Eventually, I will master this program. Then I will probably forget the unimportant parts and let other team members who are better suited to it do that while I work on what I am good at. Now that’s teamwork!

Other objections? That are relevant I mean? The idea that the library is irrelevant in this day and age. I am getting tired of this topic and arguing against it. It may never go away though.

There are plenty of other things I object to, but they don’t matter here.

Tomorrow, I will get on to the topic of professional associations.

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1 Response to Black Adder

  1. aw0027 says:

    I’m adding this submission because it is what I was supposed to do all along. It’s an addition, an add on. I’m adding. And the general theme is black soooooooo black adder!
    See what I did there?

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