Life gets pitch blacker.

I know this blog began as a project for library science, but I am going to update it weekly just to keep it interesting.

Horror movies: Of all the movies to see in the theatre, these are the worst. Tonight, I made the mistake of seeing ‘Mama’, a so-so file saved by a few poignant moments but pretty run-of-the-mill for a PG-13 horror flick. The moviegoing experience is not at all magical, especially when surrounded by idiots (mostly female for some reason) who giggle and scream at every possibly scary moment. More giggling than screaming really. None of it improved upon this mediocre flim flam. The pleasure of sitting with your fellow moviegoers can be like ramming your fingers down your throat.

Anyways, a little about Ralph Munn. He was the director of the Carnegie Library. I’ve never been to the Carnegie Library, but if it rivals the Carnegie Museum, that is impressive indeed. I picked him because of his relationship to Carnegie and because Carnegie was taken as a subject. I must move more quickly next time.

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