In the beginning it is always dark.

This is my new blog which I have created for an online course in library science. With some effort, it may become greater than that. 

I am pursuing a masters degree in library science. I am a big fan of libraries and I always have been. My first real job was working in a library. I started out as a page and then worked my way up. Pages, for those who don’t know, are the low level employees who shelve books. I worked my way up but then I left after graduating from Michigan State University. I want to be part of a library on a higher level where decisions are made and for that, I want to get my Masters Degree.

I am supposed to cover assumptions and assertions at this time. I think that this could be a long, hard slog that could get away from me if I let it. I have never taken an online course before. It is a different experience. I think it could also be rewarding and I want to stay focused on that goal. I don’t think it will be easy whether or not it is a pleasant or unpleasant experience. It wil be valuable because it is my first online course and I will be more comfortable with them in the future.

What I also believe will happen is that my ideas about what a library is will be challenged in this course. I am positive that I will know far more than I did about libraries and what it means to be a librarian. I look forward to it. Libraries are wonderful places and remain relevant and I think they always will. I take them very seriously as places to read and study. They are also places where children are introduced to books and where people can access the internet if they do not have regular access at home.

Because this is my first attempt at a blog entry for my first attempt at an online course, I want to keep things simple for now. Later entries will have more clever entries and photos to entertain all the children. I can’t wait to look back at this post at the end of the course and reflect on what I have learned and whether or not the experience was as hard as I assumed and whether or not it was rewarding.

The irony here is that I have an overdue library book.


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